Welcome at Normandie Services!
Normandie Services
  * inspection of your (second) house and terrain 
* repair and maintenance activities
* garden maintenance 
* carpentry 
* small renovations
* translation services
* taking care of your pets

Welcome at Normandie Services!

Our company specialises among others in taking care of and maintaining your (second) home in the regions of Calvados, Manche and the Orne during your absence.

We deliver services to keep your property in optimal condition, so that burglary, vandalism and damage can be prevented, giving you peace of mind and helping you achieve the best profit from your investment.

We are a flexible and dynamic security company, certified in burglary prevention advice. We are in possession of a Dutch quality label approved by police. This means that the emphasis of our company activity lies on burglary prevention and property security, protecting your investment.

Typical security measures for your property include:

-approved security hardware
-replacement of exterior doors when appropriate
-safety boxes in several sizes
-burglary prevention systems
- smoke detectors
- carbon monoxide detectors (among others for central heating units,
   gas water heaters, gas heaters, fireplaces, wood-burning stoves and
   insert heaters)

Many additional aspects of burglary prevention services and the security of your property can be delivered and installed. We can offer the whole package: advice, sale and skilled installation. This means a quick communication and settlement. Due to the growing demand, our company activities have extended over the past two years (see 'services’) to offer you a complete range of services for securing and maintaining your (second) home.

Your home is our concern!